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Start an exciting new career or upgrade your current experience.

Learn how to perform energy audits at the same level as a Natural Resources Canada certified energy auditor.

Learn how to apply your knowledge of existing home construction.

Offer your services to homeowners who want to save energy and costs in their homes.

Hirus Certified Energy Advisor (HCEA) for existing homes is a graduated system:

HCEA-AA (Associate Advisor)

HCEA (Fully certified designation)

HCEAi (Certified Instructor)

Step 1:

HCEA-AA  (Associate Advisor) designation will be awarded after completion of a fully proctored examination on the Hirus Services policies and procedures as laid out in the HCEA training/procedures manual.  Training is available to prepare for this examination.

Step 2:

You must perform a minimum of three home energy audits under the supervision of a Hirus Services Certified instructor (HCEAi). After these the instructor may make the recommendation for advancement or suggest retraining as necessary.

Step 3:

Full HCEA designation will only be awarded after the completion of an additional 20 energy audits which must be completed under close scrutiny of an instructor and after all levels of quality assurance, as set out in the HCEA training/procedures manual, have been met.

You will be monitored every step of the way, and remember your instructor wants you to succeed, but they also want to assure that you are prepared for the challenges of this career.

Congratulations: you are now a fully designated – HCEA professional, ready to help Canadians save energy in their homes. You can go out into the world and perform home energy audits knowing you have the tools and expertise (and the support of Hirus Services) to complete this task with clarity and certainty.

Step 4:

Continued education and re-certification is ongoing and it is the requirement of Hirus Services to maintain your designation. At any time the quality of your work falls below the Hirus Services QA standards you will be notified and re-training may be necessary. Hirus Services Inc. maintains and holds the designations HCEA-AA, HCEA, and HCEAi and reserves the right to revoke any such designation as necessary.

HCEA Training Module Includes:

5 day workshop: (4 days in class +1 day in the field performing two energy audits)

(Includes the HCEA-AA examination as required)

You will study:

 Basic ‘House as a system’

 Residential energy use

 Data collection procedures

You will learn how to:

 Conduct a blower test

 Interpret conditions and data collected

 Make recommendations to the home owner

 Input data into NRCan’s Hot2000® energy modeling software

-Including report generation

You will receive:

 The HCEA-AA final examination (afternoon of the last day -  2 1/2hrs in length)

Minimum prerequisite to this program is

 Residential building science knowledge

 Grade 12 education (or provincial equivalent)

In most cases, classes are scheduled Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 4:15pm with scheduled lunch and coffee breaks.

Training workshops may be available in your area. Please email for times and locations.

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